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The Artist

Sheila is a tornado chaser, solar eclipse chaser, world traveller and amateur astronomer. She enjoys hiking, canoeing and sitting in nature watching wildlife with her camera poised. All these adventures have inspire her creative self.

Comfortably flowing from right hand and left hand, the edge of a palette knife and the soft blending bristles of a brush, there are two characteristics of Sheila that shine in her painting styles: her wild roaming personality and her old-fashion elegant manner.

Sheila paints nature's diverse subjects that are close to her heart and plays with emotions in abstracts. Constantly experimenting with the application of paint and subjects of nature, emotional release and curiosity are the main reasons why she considers herself a self-taught artist on the canvas even though she has taken many art classes as a hobby with the Southampton Art School over the past years as a way to encourage her creativity to grow.

Sheila lives near the shores of Great Lake Huron in a small town for almost 35 years after growing up in the city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

The Art

I like to caress the canvas with fiery passion sailing on the waves of textures while melting into confident colours leaving a part of my emotional soul behind. Each piece represents my enthusiastic dance with nature, a story of my unique perspective of the journey of life lived thus far.

My inspiration comes from sunlight and shadows, dark layered storm clouds, prominences exploding from the sun, shapes of trees, rapidly flowing waters, and architecture from different cultures. My eyes see the universe full of artistic wonders begging me to create the experience I live and feel, at that moment.

I experiment with different techniques, mediums and ideas for example sometime deliberately forcing cracks to appear in a painting. I mix colours on the canvas creating more character to a painting. At times, I love to violently brush and palette knife the paint onto the canvas. Leaving the undercoat of paint to show though into the finished product can dramatically add depth, layers and interest. Impasto painting dry smudging, and manipulating the paint any way I can think of are fun ways to express my emotions about a subject.

I enjoy how the bold, deep flowing brush strokes of colour (impasto textures) have a soul existence and are the brain of the painting that speaks to me to convey the emotions of the displayed subject. I've experienced melting into colours and feeling the loneliness of viridian green, the waving and upset alizarin crimson, the throbbing energetic passion of lemon yellow and the love and caring traits of phthalo blue. My compositions are not unlike a performance of the universal language - music.

I paint from my soul -- any way it comes out!

I invite you to view my artistic interpretations and connect with the feelings and senses it produces within yourself.