Sheila Szabototh

Fine Art ~ Canadian ~ CedarOaks Studio

Caring for your new Painting

to get many years of vivid colour together


Avoid hanging your painting where extreme temperature fluctuations can cause expansion and contraction which will eventually stress the canvas & wood & paint and cause splits & cracks & warps. Do not hang over a heat source (e.g. fireplace or heating duct). Do not hang over an air conditioner.

Do not hang the painting near extreme humid conditions or where water might splash on the painting. (e.g. pool, bathroom, near a sink)

Do not hang your painting where it will be at risk for being bumped and dented, scratched, poked by sharp objects, touched by oily hands or licked by pets.

Avoid hanging your painting near an outside door where dust and dirt will accumulate on the surface.

Avoid hanging your painting in a room where people smoke.

Avoid direct sunlight and direct (over the painting) artificial light as the light and possible heat source can damage the paint and paint colours.

Daily Care:

Only touch the painting with clean and dry hands (avoid oil and lotion on the hands) and only touch the outside frame or back-frame of a stretched canvas (never the paint's surface). Do not touch the painting's surface with a sharp object or one that sheds (e.g. feather dusters) or the paint can become scratched or caught with fibres.

To dust the painting use a clean and soft and dry cloth that will not shed or catch fibres on the paint's surface or mark the surface in any way. Do not apply pressure.
Do not spray any kind of liquid or chemical or dusting products on the painting. Avoid all liquid and water splashes from any source.


To store a painting for any length of time, place the painting against flat pieces of wood or acid paper that cover the size of the painting. Store flat (away from any sharp points or uneven surfaces) in a clean and dry environment and cover over with a protective dry cloth. Avoid damp basements and attics and extremely hot or cold conditions.

Do not wrap the painting in an air tight environment for any length of time. This will avoid humidity and mould build up.

To transport a painting, place the painting against flat pieces of wood or strong flat cardboard that cover the size of the painting and wrap with bubble wrap. If possible, place foam around the corners. Transport in a way that will not bump or cause the painting to fall or cause another object to fall on the painting.